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My K4 Experience


Do What Thou Wilt
Now, most of us have smoked weed at some point, but how many have smoked K4? Shit that costs 25 bucks a gram. Shit that REALLY fucks you up. But it is marvelous and gave me the best trip of my life.

I am giving you a very detailed account of my trip. Their will be more details than you want, and so I tell you now, this is very detailed, and their will be some that you won't want. Don't you love spoilers?

Smoking that shit.

Alright now with 25 dollar a gram shit you are supposed to use a bowl, but I said fuck it and rolled it all into a joint. I went into the bathroom and turned on the fan. I looked into the mirror and I lit that bitch up. That first hit was incredible. I inhaled and held my breath for a good 30 seconds, I let it out and coughed for a good 15 seconds. I looked back into the mirror, and the space was incredible already. My head felt like it was half its size and the world were twice as big. I looked around and everything looked and felt brand new. Alot stronger than your regular shit. I took another hit, and then everything was different. The world was in vertigo. My body parts were connected by rubber bands and I felt my head was one place, my arms another, my legs over there. I wobbled. Then I took a third hit, and then it was a real marathon. For what felt like an hour I stared at myself in the mirror as I took hit after hit, not even bothering to hold it in, but I coughed like crazy. I took what felt like a million hits. I smoked that bitch until I burned my fingers and eventually my lips. At this point the world shook, and my feet were being given the greatest massage ever, and it traveled from my toes to my head in orgasmic waves. These felt like an eternity a piece, and I wanted to keep it going. After this, there were recurring shouts that I later realized were not real. Shouts that sounded like my mother and father telling me to come out of the bathroom, to come downstairs this very instant, they called me my first middle and last name, something they hadn't done since I was an 8 year old. But these were my paranoia, a feeling that would recur the whole time I was on my trip. I went and grabbed my computer and sat down on the shitter, My body everywhere, the air around me feeling warm and fuzzy and ticklish, like sitting in warm velvet naked.

I watch a porno

I sobered up and realized that that is fucking nasty.

I watch a video.

Some of you may be familiar with this video:
YouTube - How to get high without drugs

Now, that feels awesome for all of five seconds when you are sober. On that K4 shit, I was drooling for the whole minute of the video, and when the end came, the earth felt like it was shaking, my head expanded to the size of the world, and my head rocked all over the place, throwing drool everywhere. I watched it what felt like 15 times, but in reality, I only watched it 5 times at most, as only 5 or so minutes had gone by.

I sit on my couch

I sat on my couch and that velvet orgasmic massage emitted from anything I touched, in waves through my body. I decided to crack my neck, and I did. I tilt my head to the right, and the crack echoed for what felt like five minutes, as the satisfying crack warmed my neck up. From then on, every movement I did made that noise, and gave me that feeling. I cracked my head to the left, I turned it side to side, I took deep breaths and felt like I was inhaling a mixture of liquid gold and honey. I waved my arms, and along with the feeling of the crack and the noise, I felt the air resistance like swimming in still, body temperature water. I lay my head back and gently close my eyes, and decide to play a video game.

I play a video game.

I decided to play Gran Turismo 5, probably THE game that you need to devote ALL of your attention. I decided to buy a car, first thing. I saw a lovely Burgundy Metallic Red 69 Camaro SS with white rally stripes. I didn't have the money to buy it so I decided to do a race. I went to extreme races and took my Corvette ZR1 race modifications and did five laps of the Indianapolis Super Speedway. Now I was half asleep at this point, I was layin back with my eyes half closed, still getting that super velvet orgasm massage. But I saw every detail. I did all the gear changes perfectly, I hit the brakes and the throttle perfectly, I hit the peak of all four corners all five laps. But everything was in super slow time. The race was in actuality 4 minutes and 2 seconds, and I normally finish in 3 minutes 52 seconds, but it felt like that race was an hour long, that I did 100 laps. The strait aways felt 100 miles long, and that I was going 1000 miles an hour, yet it still took so long to do. I noticed all the details, I saw the trees, the houses to the right, the grand stands, the pit lane entrance. I saw the tarmac itself. I saw dimples, the lines, the texture. In the background I had Eric Clapton's From The Cradle album playing. And I started singing that. The blues and the engines exhaust note and tire scrub poured into my ears like honey, heading strait to my soul. I never sang better in my life. I new every lyric, I absorbed every note, I felt all the pain in Clapton's voice. My heart it ached, my soul it burned with passion. Then a corner came and I hit the apex perfectly. I finished the race and bought my Camaro. I then decided to do some practice laps in my Caterham Fireblade, a car that in the game requires a complete devotion of attention to use, requires the most attention, I drove on the most difficult track of the game, with the greatest music I ever heard playing in the background. Like in the Corvette, only better, I hit every apex, every gear change, every braking point, and hit the throttle perfectly, I was a machine. I clocked the fastest lap I ever clocked in that car. And I remind you, I was listening to the music with the same passion, and I still had the orgasmic velvet massage. I tried to do another lap but I spun out and nearly fell asleep listening to that amazing music For 5 minutes. I came to, and quit the game.

My sister tries to talk to me.

My sister came upstairs and tried to talk to me. She said something about the temperature. the vertigo affected the way she looked greatly. One minute her head was a basketball, the next a golf ball. Her voice echoed throughout the world and I was worried. She sounded powerful, yet exactly the same. I was intimidated, Iw as genuinely scared, not just of her, but of what she could do to me. i felt she could destroy me with the flick of a finger, with a word to my parents. I said to her yes, trying not to sound intimidated or suspicious. Then she went downstairs, the thump of the door echoing, each step she took resounded with huge bass notes. She then said to my parents "Connor smoked Marijuana." She knew, OMG, she knew. I sat their panicking, My parents were shouting at me, their rage echoing, enveloping my soul, setting me on fire. I was scared, and it lasted forever. Then I was opened my eyes wide and the visions of fire and brimstone were gone.

I watch TV.

I recovered from my fear and I tried to watch Top Gear, but at this point, I fell asleep for 4 hours. And when I awake, I'm still high. The vertigo was still their, but the orgasmic velvet massage was gone. And So I wobbled to bed, took off my clothes, and fell asleep.

That was my experience. looking back, I was on my trip for all of two hours, from the first hit, to the time I fell asleep while watching Top Gear. Those two hours felt like a century. A century of the greatest orgasm you will ever fucking have. After I fell asleep on the couch, I slept for 4 hours, and then went to bed and slept 10 hours, more sleep than I have had in years. My parents thought I was sick because I hadn't eaten dinner and slept so much. They never suspected I smoked some of the most expensive weed you can buy. I want to do it again, and YOU want to try it....

My apologies if you found the part of the porno too detailed, and to that I must say "Fuck yoooooooou."
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Sally Twit
He got high
He came all over himself on the toilet
He played games
He thought his sister told his parents but she didn't


AKA Ass-Bandit
I have to question the forum legality of the spoiler tagged section...


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Not only have I never smoked pot, but I haven't even heard of K4, no shit! But hey, it sounds like somebody had a high time, and I say, more power to them.