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My Introduction


New Member
Hello everyone, this is is my first post. I enjoy writing and reading a lot. I like going to the theater, watching Daytime Soaps, some reality shows, Supernatural, SmallVille, WildFire, Kyle XY, 24, and other shows too. I have a dog named Samanatha. I have a younger sister whose name is Jaclyn. I like to chat with people online, and I like reading people's fanfiction. It inspired me to write my own fanfiction.

I enjoy watching different kinds of movies. I enjoy watching horror movies, but I enjoy romance, comedy, drama, sci-fi, and other kinds of geners as well.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I think you may have won the award for most detailed intro of the year. :)

Welcome! You'll find that a lot of us here have similar interests. I like to write a bit too but I haven't had time lately. I have written some fanfiction as well.



New Member
Thanks for commenting on what I wrote, and I'm glad that you told me that you wrote fanfiction. Maybe you can email me a story of yours that you have wrote.
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