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Ok well I was told I should post here. My dueling info is as follows 2000wins 4losses(thrown matches cause 2nd prize was cooler). I have ran every deck type and then some. I am the leader of team Newype(Tier 1), Association of Light(Teir 2) and our final inner circle Association of Blight(Final Tier). Currently running a deck for each tier of my team. So far no one has made me use my Final Tier deck(yes i know this can win becuase when i pilot it against every CC list's I win). My team is always looking for fresh meat but to advance in the ranks you have to pass a duel test. I have been playing 2 years before Yugioh was Americanized because of my japanese friends. That's it.


Sultan of Swat
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Welcome man to these forums. Hopefully you'll have fun posting here and I am sure I'll see around somewhere.