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(My "Imitation Intro":) I haven't re-introduced myself on purpose.


Registered Member
I'm waiting for my big long wait to be over. Then once I do, it's going to be a more like an "ok, here's about me, now I'm out again for the most part" type of introduction.

So it's kind of backwards.

So far... I'm kind of letting the frequency and content of the posts speak for themselves.

FYI - I call this "performance".


But I want to though. I really do want to update. Maybe in the 2013-like format of intro's with the actual questions (which I have gone back and read). That seems to be the ideal way for a functional board to do stuff, not be like a nearly deserted wasteland or ghost town where people are just expected to "do whatever you want for an intro".

So that's how I do things. I save the good stuff for when it's worth it.

Right now it's just a bunch of BS and wasting time. So sorry in case anyone expected an intro.

Normally I would not do this. Normally I'd just proceed drawing NO attention to my presence/absence/whatever. But I assume there's little to lose now since some people still wrongly think that's happening regardless.

So I guess there's nothing to do but keep performing then. Might as well do an "imitation intro" then.

Also, you can delete the "Merge Request" if you want and just put responses here.

The other member name is SilencedPPs.