my horse!!! i love him


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i want to show off my pony lol i love him his a 17.1 Gelding and i think his the most perfect, honest , loyal man in my life hahaha



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Beautiful animal. Is he a Thoroughbred? I don't know much about the subject, but I'm thinking that his head looks a little long and graceful for a Quarter Horse.


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Yah, I was going to ask the same question as Tucker. My mom has quarter horses, and your gelding looks a lot different. Might be the show shine and the braids lol.


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A very beautiful horse. I can see why you're crazy about him. Awesome creature!


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Thanks for sharing the pics!

Definitely one of the most beautiful 'pet' horses I've ever seen! Such quality and beauty, you're a lucky girl!! Enjoy every minute.


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I saw the title and thought this was going to be a parrody of the 12 year old kid that was promised a horse for sex..... LOL!!!!!


Beautiful horse for sure...