My Hands Are wrecked


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what can I possibly do to appease someone who obviously has no clue? My winning bidder for awol hubby3 sent me a really harsh feedback! He never even emailed me to say he wasn't happy. I guess he doesn't get out much because he has no clue what the box was worth. Probably a strict indoorsman. I was floored when I saw my BIG RED DOT... God, what's the matter here? Did he not read anything in the auction? OUTDOOR sporting gear. Not parcheesi or checkers. I've just got to defend myself cuz I don't want you all to think that I ripped this guy! First of all, a mystery auction has no guarantees or specified value. Second of all, his gear was worth quite a bit of $$. Now I am gonna give up the secret... His box had some really great rock-climbing gear, including the harness, top of the line climbing shoes and all the expensive little clippies and stuff. It Also had a very nice expensive pair of Bausch& Lomb binoculars. Then there were little things like a warm beanie, some camping stuff, an all weather water resist floppy hat from REI. You know, it would have cost quite a bit to buy again if I had to. Shoot, I've bought lots of mystery boxes and never had one that had anything near what mine did. This guy just doesn't know what these things are. So he went from being Mr. nice guy bidder to a real nightmare. what the hell is that... Gawd! So why do I feel so bad? I just wanna go crawl under a rock. :(


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MAN! That's too bad you already left him a nice happy positive... I'd send an email to eBay and say that according to their rules, he was bidding on the box. He got the box, however, he based his feedback on the items in the box, which is not what you were selling. Thus, his feedback is irrelevant to your auction. I think you have a decent shot at getting the feedback removed. It's worth a shot.

Sorry to see that but at least you have many positives so you still have a 98%. :(

Send an email to eBay explaining the situation. I think you have a valid argument that his feedback was slanderous and not related to the item you sold.


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you don't think they'll cancell my other one? or worse, find a reason to suspend me? They already pick on mystery andd bizarre auction listings. I think I'm just gonna cry.


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I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. I don't think Ebay will suspend you or anything like that at all.
As far as Ebay removing the feedback, THEY WON'T!!!
I know this because I have sent emails complaining about unjustifed feedback before to Ebay when it was clearly a lie, and you just get the standard answer from them that feedback is a freedom of speech and you can fill out a rebuttal comment if you want, but that's about it.
It sounds to me like what you had in the mystery box was worth a lot of money, I guess if you are not into rock climbing than you wouldn't know that.
People need to realize that this is why its called a mystery auction, its a mystery as to what is in it and there is no guarantee that it is going to be useful to you, even if it is of high value.

Keep your head up. You did nothing wrong!!!


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Gosh hun I hate to hear that too! AND YOU KNOW how I am and I probley WOULD Have cried!

I would respond back (I think you can do that right? in feedback?) and tell this was a good box and if anyone would like to ask you more about it feel free. That way if anyone sees the negative they can contact you about the details.

Its tough..........


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If you'd like you can share the rock with me.... I had someone leave neg feedback for me saying that I didn't pay, but it was becuse they would not send the total that I was suppost to pay... I knew the auction amount, but they would not say how much shipping was. I was sooo ticked


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1 negative, feedback not make

Im sorry to hear about that, you should reply to the feedback this person left.
If you can get a estimate of how much the stuff was worth and add that to the reply of the feedback. that way when people see it, they know you are not a scammer.

My one negative is from someone who didnt say that there paypal account only accepted Credit Cards... I tried to pay 3 times through paypal, and each were rejected by the sellers account, because it was a "visa/debit" card I use to pay for all my auctions. My feedback rating 97.4%, because of 1 negative...


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But he never even contacted me to say he didn't like his "FREE GIFTS" Andrew is right...he paid for just a box...So why did he not email me and ask to trade the contents or something? He was so nice during the auction...I feel like he just bought it "stick up for the mans (hubby) side". Like he planned on it all along...I've heard of it happening before.


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I just looked at the feedback left, and it does look that way.

I would still try to contact ebay, even though it might not help.


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Well that was the crappiest day since my "D" papers were served. Thank god it's almost over. I did report to ebay but they will not be able to help because all I could send them was the body of the email... nobody forwarded the whole thing. just the contents and he did it supposedly from an unknown friend. I think I was trapped. Just let this day end peacefully... Gawd...I need some rum.