My "fix" thread

This is sub-talk Echoes, if you close this you're a jerk!:mad:

You might as well unsticky the other one because I'm not posting. Swift, you're an ass for making the damn thing. Mal, I hate you for putting those damn spin smilies in it. Echoes, I liked peanut butter and mayo until you put it next to that nasty looking girl. Hime, stop posting in it and making me look.
Ex, you're right, I don't care.
You're a bitch (said with love)Himeko!:mad: I'm telling Carolyn to call you next week!
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That's ok, I can post in this guys are asses!
Sorry Swift, someone else is more awesome, and I'll be keeping all of my chips TYVM.
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The Original Kiwi
thank you very much.

Also Angels, please post in that other thread if you think I am more awesome then Swift.
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