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My fish


still nobody's bitch
ohhai fishies. I like that last one, that kind of fish is very cool. They almost look like they have people faces


Registered Member
Hi Jeanie. That one is a Geophagus Brasil. He is old and very big !. Glad you like them.


Registered Member
I like that first one, those black stripes and all the colors! What type of fish is it? How big does the aquarium have to be? =)


Creeping On You
It always amuses me that fish are always staring at you. I could never have a pet fish, I'd always feel like they were stealing my soul. Very nice pictures of your fish Masey. Good job on the photography.


Registered Member
Wow, the last one (last two photos) is really special.
It's interesting how fish are always staring at you, like Smelnick already said. It amuses me too. But I wouldn't have fish as a pets, because I don't like to have pets who are detained in closed spaces, like fish, birds etc, and I also like pets who connects with you more, so I have a dog who is free in our yard and who is practically like a part of our family. :)

But it's nice to see some nice aquarium and nice fish too. Just they aren't type of pets for me, if you undestand what I wanted to say. But fish also have some their specials, like any other animals, all animals are unique and special creatures. :) I have a friend who also really likes fish and he has nice big aquarium and 6 fish. :)
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