My First Wallpaper


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rate out of 10 plz, and dont visit the site, my friend has to code everything for the record label and stuff first
1) far too small for a wallpaper. You need to make it at LEAST 1024x768, and preferably even bigger. It's easy for a picture to look good once it's been shrunk to fit a small monitor, but when you enlarge a pic to fit a bigger one, it looks bad.

2) I just don't really like it... the red is flat and uninteresting, the stocks aren't particularly well cut out and they don't blend with eachother or the background very well, the stocks aren't very well placed in relation to eachother, I donno... I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but I just don't think it's very good.


With more practice you'll start doing a lot better.
The version you posted is only 512x384... maybe your image host shrunk it or something, so never mind that if you did make it bigger.

Edit: On the plus side, the text isn't too bad lol


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Mr.T u should have did it with a black bg, would have complimented the pictures wwwwaaayyy better^^; The T-pac on teh left on top fingers look weird, try to straighten them up eh? But it's good though I say though it look like u did it in paint, but whatever u got try to toogle with the options some and then see the results cause this one looks too bland. But the font looks awesome!