My First Time

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  1. I guess everyone has already heard this joke but I thought I'd try anyway... told you I was a hayseed that grew up on a farm...


    It was my first time ever
    And I'll never forget
    I'd do it again
    Without a single regret.
    The sky was dark
    The moon was high
    We were all alone
    Just she and I.
    Her hair was soft
    Her eyes were blue
    I knew just what
    She wanted to do.
    Her skin so soft
    Her legs so fine
    I ran my fingers
    Down her spine.
    I didn't know how
    But I tried my best
    I started by placing
    My hands on her breast.
    I remember my fear
    My fast beating heart
    But slowly she spread
    Her legs apart.
    And when I did it
    I felt no shame
    All at once
    The white stuff came.
    At last it's finished
    It's all over now
    My first time ever
    At milking a cow...


  2. andrew_bishop

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    Man I've herd that so much:D
  3. Ha Ha got those heifers stump broke yet?;)
  4. Nevyrmoore

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  5. oxyMORON

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    there was one with a dentist posted a couple months ago.
  6. andrew_bishop

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    There are many versions of this.

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