3ds My First DS Game

My GBA finally broke down so I figured it was time to upgrade. Now that I have a DS, what would be a good first game? I'm kinda looking towards a game that primarily uses the touch screen, like "Hotel Dusk: Room 218". Any suggestions?


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Any of the pokemon games are good. My favorite is the super mario kart. If you're into more thinkiing games, you may want to try brain age or brain academy.


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Super Mario 64 DS would be a great choice. This was my first game, it is pretty much the same thing as the Nintendo 64 version but there are 30 extra stars, you can play as 4 different characters, obviously Mario, Luigi, Yoshi ,and Wario were chosen, and the graphics are noticeably better than on the old edition of the game. I heard that The Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass is a really good game but have not had the chance to play it yet.


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yeah it's cool i don't have it but i played it via stores download play
sorry wrong thread i mean yeah pokemons are pretty good but buy some touch-screen game like minigame collection ninja gaiden...
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