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My First Bachelor Party!


needs practice
So my friend is getting married in a month and a half, and I'm in charge of transportation.

We're going paintballing in the morning, then gonna go eat lunch somewhere, come back to my friend's house in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and shower. From there we'll chill, relax a little, do some nice day drinking and reminisicing. Then we'll get a limo (or cab? or something) and go to a nice dinner (or Buffalo Wild Wings, not sure yet) and then go to a bar scene area called Rosemont (near O'Hare Chicago International Airport) and drink until we can't drink anymore.

Then the limo will, for all intent and purpose, take us home. Unless we go to a gentlemen's club (which we should but one of my friends isn't comfortable with it :-/ ).

Anyone know what a limo would charge for about 8 hours of service starting at dinner time? Or it easier to call a van cab? There's only 5 of us involved, but I've never dealt with formal transportation like this before.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I would just call several places to get a price and maybe even gets some prices on a van cab.

If your friend is with someone maybe he doesn't want to go to a strip club because it can be seen as cheating. Considering what strippers do giving a lap dance I would see it as being cheated on.


I'm serious
Zen, this party sounds like it's all over the place - limo and fancy dinner OR cab and Buffalo Wild Wings? :lol: I'm sure it will be fun either way though.

I'm sure limo hire will cost you a fortune, and that's money you could be spending on other activities during the day. I guess it depends what your budget is, really.