My first AMV ^_^ Sailor Moon

Discussion in 'Anime' started by carbuncle776, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. carbuncle776

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    Hello every one ^_^. After i bought all of Sailor Moon on dvd, i could pretty much match any song with the right back ground ^_^ I made this a while back in December. It came out well for my first,( i was still a begginer how to rip dvds *sweat drop*) I remade it and the quality is awsume now. This version is the original. I hope you enjoy, and a treat if your a Sailor Moon fan ^_^

  2. Pugz

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    That is really good ^_^ the timing is brill and the song goes well with it!

    ....i miss Sailor Moon!!
  3. Yes it is good, great job bud, timing is perfect and song flows awesomely, +1 to you!

    and yeah i kinda miss the show too.
  4. carbuncle776

    carbuncle776 Guest

    Im sure we do miss the show :( its been 6 years since it aired *tear*
  5. Your video was pretty good. i'm not a Sailor Moon fan, but you did a pretty good job. When it did use to come on I do recall the good times. I still remember when Sailor Moon, among with other good shows, use to air on USA Network every morning. Ah........ memories.

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