My feeble attempt at a high profile type auction

Allmstwgp said:
Gross?? Think about starting to get a bite and finding that!? LOL
As if my initial thoughts weren't bad enough...Thanks a lot!! :lol: It is an original auction, I love creativity, good luck with it!


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I have listed it twice now. No one has ever bid it nor watched it. I have no clue as to how to get more attention for the auction. I have submitted it to several "weird auctions" sights. Oh well my kids and I had fun telling the story.


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LOL dont feel bad i have to very unique auctions up right now at least thats what i thought and I only have one person watching them ! lol Im not good at this crazy , weird out of the way auction stuff, Mostly i find fun in doing it just to see what happens! lol :lol:


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You have laid a guilt trip on me mom. LOL I have now corrected my spelling and have removed the reserve. Now maybe it will go somewhere. LOL