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My face is hidden in shadows...


...my mouth is crooked and grim.
As I raise my head, and the darkness glows,
A voice cries "My God! It's him."

Not the greatest, but it took me forever lol. So here I am, back again after an unexpected catastrophe, namely the destruction of my Motherboard, PSU and HDD's. Took a while but I'm finally a PC user again! :D

Biggest news of course is the birth of my son, Isaac Jackson, who joined us on New Years Day. He also made us mildly famous as he was featured in the paper as being one of the first New Year babies.

SO yeah, I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, so please, if you've never spoke to me, be gentle, and if you have, be gentler.


yellow 4!
congratulations on Isaac! that's awesome news.

and welcome back. I literally wrote out in the random thought thread yesterday that I miss you and eeby being here when the world snooker champs come round, but like a lot of my posts it was never submitted haha. so, kind of weird that you showed up today. any other news?


Gee...other news...hmmm...

I got nothing. That's pretty much my life about now. Internet and Isaac.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Not you again...Just teasing.

Welcome back, and congratulations on your new son. Hopefully you're back for good this time around. I'm sure you'll be posting some new pictures very soon, you picture whore ;)


I am NOT a picture whore. I am a picture escort. Sounds classier and pays better ;)
And new photo's will be uploaded, as soon as they're on photobucket. Unless there's some new, better photo hosting website? Help me out here, I've been without the Internet of nearly six months.
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yellow 4!
lol, no, photobucket is still teh best!

not a lot has changed tbh. well, except now the internet has toll booths


That's good! Congrats on Isaac and if you like you could share pictures with us.


Sally Twit
You're always coming and going. So, rather than 'welcome back' I'm just going to say it's good to see you.

Hope you and your little family are well.


I am always coming and going lol. Not always my fault though, I'm just not too good with computers.

Toll booths? Damn, I'd better steer clear of those when I'm going after the man who attacked my sister (Kudos to the person who gets that reference).

I will post pics as soon as I can, you needn'e worry about that haha ;)