My eyes hurt and tear


recently, i've come across a problem i've never had before.

if i spend more than 5 hours[non-stop] in front of my computer's Monitor [22''] my eyes get tired, hurt and tear.
the same thing happens if i spend the whole day[with a few interruptions] on the computer.

do you have the same problem?
what do you recommend me to do?
You should be taking breaks from the screen even if your eyes aren't already hurting. 5 hours+ non-stop is way too much all at once. Even just looking away into the distance regularly to give your eyes a different focus is better than nothing. Staring at something just a few feet in front of your face for hours and hours on end will be putting a lot of strain on your eyes, it's no wonder they hurt.

And no, my eyes never hurt from being at the computer even if I spend all day on one. Most likely because I do make sure to take a break even just for a couple of minutes every so often. Go to the kitchen and get a drink or chat to a friend in the hall or something like that.
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Also make sure there is another light source in the area so there's some light around to drown out the monitors light.
Also also!

What's the current refresh rate you're set to? If it's low then it can cause headaches. Just something to consider.
(though, on mine, I don't think you can change it from its default of 60hz)
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@Rip - yes. that's what i do. i keep the room's light so that the monitor's light won't hurt my eyes.

@Reb - i checked the refresh rate - for my 22 inch Mon. with a resolution rate 8000:1 [1400x900 pixels] the refresh rate is 60DPI-the normal size.


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What I find helps as well is if I set every thing to dark backgrounds and dim the monitor a bit. This way its not as bright on your eyes.


my monitor brightness is 100%. i set it to 50%. it seems helpful.

i've been told to put on glasses when working with computer. should i do that?


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Get yourself a screen filter. I'm not sure the best type you'll need. Also, don't just wear glasses if you don't need them for PC's. Go and get an eye test and find out.


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Get yourself a screen filter
This is true. In the past schools I attended, the secretaries there all had screen filters on their PCs; mostly because of insurance purposes and whatnot. They DO spend nearly their entire time in front of a PC but it still helps. I imagine though, since there are so many different monitor sizes and you got the difference of monitor types, and widescreen, etc. etc. that it may be difficult to find the right filter. Might have to special order one.

I spend enough time at the PC to know that getting 'monitor eyes' is very common and although you feel dorky, I still wear one of my light sunglasses.