My entrance to FC



Hello all! I'm new to FC, but a debate forum veteran. I was referred here by The Grandmaster, someone I know from a political forum we both post on.

About me...

I'm 25, a college instructor of public speaking/persuasion, and addicted to online debates and discussions.

Looking forward to posting here more! :)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to Fusion Central. I am glad that you've decided to join the FC family and I really hope you become an active member here. Thanks Grandmaster for getting another debater to these forums.
Welcome... Always glad to see someone new here for the Mature Discussion forums, new opinions and arguments keep things interesting. You seem to have a strong background in debate, so hopefully you'll become a valued and esteemed member here. Again, welcome and enjoy.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Holly crap...I think we got a master debater on our hands again >>; But this is great cause now the debates will be even more heated!^^; Welcome to the forums Uriel and it is a pleasure to meet cha!*hands a bag of candies* Have fun and post alot but don't let some of the mods get to u though, even if u don't think that not posting alot is fine one will come looking for u to make sure u post more hehehe >>;


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I am definately looking forward to posting here.