My dream to be a Legend


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The Life Changing Call!

As I was lying down on my bed, lots of things raced around in my head like a beast, my was the day, the day that I might have a chance to pro football player..

I am waiting for a call, a call that can change my life forever..

As I am walking down the stairs to grab a glass of milk, I hear *Ring, Riiiiing*, I suddenly realise that's my phone..I skip the last five steps and land in front of the kitchen bench, I pick up my phone


"Can I please speak to Mr. Alex Culum please" said a voice I have never heard of.

"This is him" I replied fast.

"Hello there Alex, I am Derek Hine from Collingwood Football Club, I know that you have been training with us for a while now, and today I've got news for you, you have made it as a rookie for the club. And we want you to come down to MCG and have a training session with us"

"Oh, really? Thank you so much, I'll be there in a minute"

I ran to the garage, got my boots and caught a train to Jolimont..

As every teenager's dream is to play in AFL, so was mine, I was shocked, I never I could make it this far, this is just the beginning of my life.

The Pesty Security

As I hoped of the train, I was saying to myself, "This is it, my time to shine" and I ran all the way to the gates of MCG until a man in black suit, fancy glasses and a earpiece stopped me..

"Hold on there fella, where do you think you are going?"
My reply was "But sir"
"No buts, the training is closed today, if you want a autograph, get it off EBay!"
"Sir, listen. I have been called up here by Derek Hine, I am meant to have my first training session today"

He looks down on my body and says "You don't look much of a football player to me, but I am going to contact Derek and tell him about you"

The security guy talked to Hine for a while and then he said "Go in, and sorry about all this trouble" and I replied with "No worries buddy"

I ran to the gates of the ground, No one was anywhere to be seen, lots of things raced around my head "Shit! Have I missed training? Was I too late?

Meeting the Players..again!

I sat down on the first seat, head in my hands, feeling dissapointed and guilty, as I was just to walk out, I heard a voice yelling out to me "Alex, where are you going fella?"

I look back and I saw Anthony Rocca. He was telling me to come to him. I ran across the big 'G, went where Rocca stood, the big man shook my hand and said "How are you fella? Glad to see another Lakesider and Reservoir man at this club" I replied with "Thanks mate, great to be here"

We walked to the changerooms, when we entered, someone grabbed me by the shoulder, It was Derek, he said "Welcome to the club, all the best. We have been searching for a young talent like yours for a while now and I am really glad that Antha spotted you" I looked around before I said "Thanks mate, great to be here, did I miss training or something?" Derek grinned, "No mate, the training is due to start in 20 minutes, so let's just meet your teamplayers for now eh?" I didn't say anything. I was too busy thinking how great it's to be here.

Derek made a loud whistle and yelled out "Alright boys, settle down now, today, what we have here is young talent. Very bright boy and a great kicker, we have been looking for this kind of stuff for a while, we picked up great players like Pendls and Dazza and now we have Alex, who probably will look promising any time soon, so, I want ya'll to be nice." They all welcomed me to the team, talked to me about my life, my football career. Harry O'Brien seemed not to like me for some reason but anyway I was thinking "How great is it to be in the team of legends, great players, I am just lucky...for now"

Presentation of Jersey!

As we walked on the field, Mick called up a huddle. "Alright boys, I am proud to welcome Alex to the club and on behalf of this club, the crest and the players, I proudly give you this jersey, # 5" As I walked up there to get it, all the players clapped, I was really happy to get #5, many legends wore it, legends like Nathan Buckley. They made me say couple of words, I refused but you know how they can get.

"I am really happy to be here, this is the best day of my life, I am glad that I am getting this jersey, my idol's jersey, it's a honour to play under this clubs name and clubs song." I slowly said.

First Training

As I pulled on my top, the training has started. My first training with the Collingwood Magpies. It was a brutal first hour for me, knowing that I need to get more fit for the season, I did my hardest to suceed. I did fairly well, my only problem was Harry O'Brien, he had some major issues and who knows, he decided to take it all out on me, he tackled me couple of times, we got up and exchanged good words, but then he took it far, tackled me pretty hard which pretty much winded me out. I got up and walked away. About 10 minutes later, he does the same thing, but this time, he went to hard, knocks me to the ground, I fell face first, damaging my nose. I got up, walked up to him and elbowed him in the head, we exchanged couple of dirty words as the players pulled as apart. Alan (Didak) pulled me by the jumper and said "Don't worry about him, his girlfriend dumped him and he hasn't been himself since then, never mind that, let's get you cleaned up"

We walked of the ground, into the hospital wing, got my nose fixed. Luckily it wasn't damaged as much as I though it would be, it was just some minor bruise and lot of blood. Mick Malthouse stormed into the hospital wing, grabbed me by the colour and said "What the fuck do you think you are doing?? This is football, not a hooligan's game, if he hits you, get over it. That's how it's going to happen when you step out there"

Alan nodded in dismay and said "Everybody's game is different, people have their own strategies of dealing with stuff like this, take you for example, you did fairly good job and didn't let him get away with it, and mostly of all, you defended yourself, but mate, you are still young, watch yourself, out there in AFL, there are big players and mostly of all, I'll watch your back"

When the training ended, Licca gave me a lift home, since his parents live two towns away from my place. When I got out the car, he said "See you tomorrow mate, DO the same thing you did today, and he laughed.

7 months later!

They were the fastest months of my life and tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for, the day that I will finally make my debut. And in those 7 months, Harry still hasn't calmed down about his broken jaw, he pretty much should get over it.

This was the most brutal session I have ever been involved it, Mick sure made us work hard, who's to blame him? He wants another flag.

After we finished, he called out the players who will be playing tomorrow.

Many players made it, but the only people who haven't been called up yet are Harry and myself, as I stood there, my eyes closed. Feeling angry because I know that Mick is going to pick Harry over me since he is more expierenced. "And the player who will fill in half-forward is Alex" The words echoed in my head, as I lifted my head up and grinned, I got claps from the team and everybody wishing me good luck.

I couldn't sleep that night, I was so excited and nervous at the same time. "What if I screw up tomorrow? What if I come to the game late?" All those questions were in my head.

The next day..

As I finally fell asleep, the darn alarm woke me up, it was 7am, I pressed the snooze button, the alarm wouldn't stop, I pulled out the cord, took the alarm and smashed it on the wall then I heard a voice "You won't be doing that every morning since you will get used to getting up late" it was my father. "Yeah, I guess not." And he said "I am so proud of you, I never approved of you playing football, but I guess it's your dream, isn't it" I nodded while he finished off his sentence "I hope you do well today, I'll be watching you from the members area"

By the time I got ready and trying not to forget anything, I was already 11am. My dad gave me a lift to the TD, Yeah I know, I wanted to make my debut on the 'G but thanks to the fixtures, I guess it has to be on TD. I walked up the changerooms, where I saw everybody sitting on the floor, either fixing their shoes, listening to music and relaxing, I took out my IPod, sat on the bike and rode couple of miles to relax my leg a little bit.

We headed down to the ground for the Pre Game training, there were so many people out there, I was nervous. Dazza walked up to me and said "Nervous much mate?" and my response was "Fuck yeah! But am I am ready to face the crowd and play my game"

more to come not much of a writer tho