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My Doctor Told Me Not To Cut My Time-Release Pills In Half


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Their are lot of different psychiatric medications nowadays. Getting on medication(s) that helps an individual feel better emotionally is a key component to overcoming mental illness for lots of people.

Being on the right dosage matters as well. Sometimes a person who is on pills needs to increase or decrease the dose of the medication he or she is on.

That's why if a person is on medication, cutting a pill in half in order to take half the dosage can be done.

However, years ago, I was on a time-release pill. And at the time, I asked my psychiatrist whom I was then seeing if me cutting the capsule in half was a good idea.

He told me not to, as doing that would cause the medication to come out all at once. This doctor told me that I didn't want to do that.

I just thought I'd mention it, as it's good information for everyone who's on psychiatric medication(s) to know.


Free Spirit
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No, never cut time released medications in half. My morphine is time released and if I did that I would get a large dose. Don't want that.


Time release pills work using layers that dissolve slowly over time. Cutting them exposes all the layers to stomach acid at the same time.