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My dad was in a serious accident


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I'm not looking for sympathy or piety but wanted to say my dad was in a severe accident this afternoon. He is in shock trauma and so far we know he had 5 broken ribs, a cracked sternum, a cracked pelvis, and a collapsed ,lung. He also has a tube hooked up to him sucking out fludis so he does not drown in his own blood. To top things off my mom has nerve issues and has had a few strokes before under stress. Luckily she has been alright today and I rushed to the house to make sure. I was afraid I would lose both of my parents today and one is still questionable. If he is lost the other is as well possibly with her condition.

I'm not religious, but spiritual.

I believe that positive thoughts have influence, if you are atheist, just please send optimistic thoughts. Positive prayers help if you are religious. My dad is a good man, I guess I'm just asking that people send positive intentions his way whatever religion or lack of you have. I can't lose both my parents.....

and especially not my dad, not yet.
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I'm very sorry to hear this.

A collapsed lung and chest tube may sound scarier than it really is; modern emergency medicine is miraculous. It might take some time, but it's very probable he'll walk away from this just fine. And be sure to remember to take care of yourself in all this.
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Lion Rampant
Oh, that's so awful. You can absolutely count on my positive thoughts, since I do believe that your dad will fully recover. And I know you'll do great at keeping your mom as calm as possible.


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You and your family are in my thoughts Sonn ((((((((((((((((((Sonn & Family)))))))))))))))))
Take care of you too!


Embrace the Suck
I'll pray for you and your family, Sonn. I agree with PC, they sound worse that they really are and emergency care is great so I'm very sure he'll be ok. Good luck to you.


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You got my good vibes going your way bud, something like this happening during the holiday season is always scary. Stay strong and hold things down at the home front and in the hospital for your father. Keep the spirits up!



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The emergency department can do amazing things. I hope he makes a full recovery.


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The medics have got your dad covered, take care of yourself and your mother. My thoughts are with you all!


Sultan of Swat
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So sorry Sonn, I'll be sending my prayers to your father and your family. I'm sure he'll make it out okay.