my dad is dead


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Wow dude. Real sorry to hear that. How are you holding up?

I don't really know what to say but this is tragic.


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its ok dude... where ever he went (if u believe in the after life) hs gotta be better than here and hes probabily looking out 4 ya man...


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I dont know what your relationship was with your dad but I know most teens butt heads with their parents especially around your age, so hopefully you two parted on good terms. If you can do one most important thing for him it would be to keep your head on straight.

Keep your head up, better days are just around the corner..... you'll just have to work a little harder for them until things get easier.


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Sorry to hear of your loss, keep your head up try not to let it drive you completly crazy, try to remember all the good, things that make you smile when you think about the time you got to spend together.


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Man I know how hard that can be, hopefully you had the chance to tell him how much he meant to you because once you get over how much you miss him then all you think about is that you hope he knows much he meant to you and your family and that you will always think about the different times you had together.

Just keep your head up man, I assure you things will get allot easier and it's crazy how a death in the family will bring the rest of the family together.


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I don't know about anyone else but if my dad died, I wouldn't be on the internet. I'd be with the rest of my living family sorting shit out. Not looking for comfort from people online.

I give you no sympathy but I do however give you a good luck getting over this. It'll be hard but you'll pull through if you're strong enough.