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My Craziest & Largest auction


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Wow....I hope you get some bids with that high of a starting price.....:-o
The auction looks good but the price..
Ouch man! Break the bank on the first bid.....:lol:
Good luck on this. I'll be watching.....:)


Secret Agent
Staff member
I have to say that unfortunately the price is going to be the kicker with this one. I don't really have much advice though. I haven't had any success with mystery auctions personally.


Registered Member
I pulled the auction because one of the main prizes was donated to charity. This was a collabertive auction. The friend who is a provider for some of the items is still apart of it. Woohoo maybe helping me out w/it now. Part of it is still for charity. Yeah it was a little high. But I have seen people pay more for less.


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They accused me a shill bidding. I fought it. and now I am back. Many people who were working w/Woohoo were investigated in different. He has a lot of people who do not like him and reported folks who were affiliated in some way. I feel bad for him.