My Collections.


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I though I would take a few minutes to talk about my collections.

I collect Toys, mostly Star Wars toys, and the unusualy rare odd toy that catches my eye. I have 350+ boxed Star Wars figures hanging on my gameroom wall. well not all, most of the doubles are packed away for safe keeping.
I also have Transformers, the orinigal Lion Voltron, various packages of Hot Wheel's (like the toilet, shopping cart, and thw batmobiles) a few cool Spawn characters and other misc stuff.

I also collect Videogames. Mostly older Nintendo stuff. I have 174 NES titles alone, out of 354 games. I own every Nintendo system (even a Virtual Boy) except for the "GBA SP".
Besides the Nintendo systems, I also own a Atari 2600, Colecovision, Playstation, Genesis, and a Dreamcast.


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I still have my old Nintendo also. No clue how many games I still have....maybe about 20ish? I know I have all my Zelda's and Dragon Quest (was that the name)? Any FF for either system I kept.....hmmm can't remember what else. Same with Super Nintendo. Never got the 64 as we switched to Playstation then and now since that has died gone to the Xbox. Oh yeah and I have the old blk/white origional game boy w/games. I don't play anymore since I have my handy dandy puter but the hubby love to play war when the little one is sleeping. I don't tell him about all the games he'd drool over for the PC cuz I don't want him to learn how to use MY computer! (he's clueless)

Is Star Wars a guy thing? Maybe a generation thing? I just don't get it. Then again sci-fi isn't really my thing.......

MY collection is Disney stuff.....old, new, cheap, expensive, worth something, worth nothing.....just whatever I happen to like.


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HI, well........ I did collect cut glass and crystal, then came hubby and kids, then that was gone.......then I started collecting birds and bird houses, then the kids were still here.....................Now I collect a very special thing!
It is called dust! The hubby and kids are still here! And I love them dearly!


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Hi everybody. Since Tater told you a bought his collection. I will tell you a bought mine. I have almost all of the 1980's G.I.Joe, all the 80's M.A.S.K toys, Every spawn toy made, almost all of the batman action figs and play sets ever made.
I have a bought 145 different transformers, 87 or so GO BOTS, 175 of the new ZOIDS and all 25 of the old ones. Almost all the JLA figs, Jurassic park play sets and figs, Nightmare Before X-Mass toys and misc figs and busts. All of the K.I.S.S toys including the 70's ones. Loads of Boba Fett stuff (love that guy).

All of the MARVEL MASTERS ever made, Batman, Batman, and more BATMAN!! Battle star toys all of them, Buck Rogers, All the speed racer toys. Hey what can I say I'm a big kid...Believe me the list can go on..And we haven't even gotten into all the comic books, lithographs, Comic art, and movie props.

I have got so much in my collection it takes up the whole basement of my house. And we have a good-sized house (sad thing is I’m running out of room) my collection has started to move upstairs and throughout the house. So enough abought mine what abought yours?
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Darth Tater, do you collect the Kotobukiya Star Wars vinyl figures? I thought about collecting them (I now have Boba Fett and Sandtrooper Sergeant), but I'm thinking about just selling them now.

What do you think would be better - hold on to them for several years, then sell them?? Do you really think they can appreciate in value that much?

Also, what if I took one out of the box to display at my office? Could I later put it back in the box and sell it as "in box"?

Forgot to tell you, I'm a 32 year old male. Accountant by trade.
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If you want to sell them, I would wait until Episode 3 releases... people will be looking for Star Wars stuff, and I think they will be more sought after.

But then again... Nightsurfer might have some better advice for you!


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Hi Tater And welcome MJonesMBA2001. As for as opening the box. I would buy 2 one to open and one NIB (New In Box). If you open the box you loose 65% of the value. And you can't sell as new, only used w/box.
As for how long to hold on to them. Well that's all up to you. If you are getting into it for the quick buck. Don't it will cost you way too much money to get any real profit. Personally I would just sit on them for 10 years or more.
Till next time.Good luck and happy collecting..... :warp: