my cat died


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i loved my cat lightning a lot. and he died less than a week ago and i made his grave and buried him. i do miss him and everything but i havent really cried a lot and no matter how much he meant to me im not very sad until i think about it a lot. is something wrong? i think i should be really sad but for some reason im okay kinda


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Some people aren't as affected by the deaths of pets than other people. I wouldn't worry too much about it. If a close friend died and you didn't feel bad then that would be something worth questioning.

Did you buy a new cat? Often times when people buy a new pet to replace one that died, they are able to cope with it a lot better. If you did then that's my guess as to why you are doing better than you expected.
As Hybrix said, people respond to death in different ways. Not just with pets though. For example, someone in my family died a couple of weeks ago and I handled it way better than I ever thought I would (still very sad of course), I guess we all surprise ourselves sometimes when these things come up. It's natural :) Sorry to hear about your cat, by the way.


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When my cat died I was very upset and I was crying all over the shop! It took me a while to get over it, my parents bought me a new cat about a month later.

It doesn't sound as though there is anything wrong with you. You'll be handling your pets death in a different ways. As Bex and Brix said, everyone is different when dealing with death.


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no i didnt buy another cat now i only have one. ive been doin good lately but last night i was thinking about it and it was sad and depressing i do miss him and no matter what i would want him back.

but hes gone and theres nothing i can do now so i guess theres no reason to mope around even though i feel bad not crying or being really sad still


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Really sorry to hear about your cat!! I love animals and have two cats myself. I would be inconsolable if anything happened to either of them and the worst thought for me is one of them living without the other and they have grown up together and love eachother so much.

I think everybody is right and people handle death in very different ways, and I fully believe the death of a pet is something that can feel just as heart wrenching as the death of a person. There is really nothing wrong with you, if anything I would be pleased to be coping with it so well. Sometimes grief can take a long time to hit us too. I know it's usually applied to grieving for family members or friends, but there are five stages of grief and it is the final stage that is acceptance when you finally grieve. This can apply to grieving over a death or on a smaller scale even grieving over the loss of a job or posession.

I feel I am rambling now so I will leave you with this:

"No heaven will not ever Heaven be. Unless my cats are there to welcome me."


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as you have mentioned people react to death in different ways each and every one is different in character..but i m really sorry to hear about your cats death i too love cats..


I'd be affected if I had a dog die. I like cats but I don't adore them. I adore dogs.
Nevertheless, If I were you I'd buy another cat. I don't think I'd handle the situation without another pet.