My Budgeted deck. All r/f's returned.

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    Note: Don't suggest anything expensive, as money is an issue, I play 3 sports and don't have time for a job right now. DO NOT SUGGEST CYBER DRAGONS, DO NO SUGGEST DDA'S If I had them or could easily get them, then they would be in here, believe me.

    All r/f's returned, or your money back.

    Monsters - 19
    01.Mobius the Frost Monarch
    02.Treeborn Frog/Chaos Sorcerer (WHICH ONE??)
    03.Gravekeeper's Spy
    04.Gravekeeper's Spy
    05.Mystic Tomato
    06.Breaker the Magical Warrior
    07.D. D. Warrior Lady
    08.Don Zaloog
    09.Exiled Force
    12.Mystic Swordsman lvl 2
    13.Magician of Faith
    14.Spirit Reaper
    15.Spirit Reaper
    16.Magical Merchant
    17.Magical Merchant
    18.Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
    19.Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive

    Spells - 13
    01.Dark Hole
    02.Heavy Storm
    03.Mystical Space Typhoon
    04.Swords of Revealing Light
    05.Reinforcement of the Army
    06.Book of Moon
    07.Pot of Avarice
    08.Premature Burial
    09.Snatch Steal
    10.Fissure (too poor for smashing grounds lawlz)
    13.Nobleman of Crossout

    Traps - 8
    01.Sakuretsu Armor
    02.Sakuretsu Armor
    03.Sakuretsu Armor
    04.Dust Tornado
    05.Dust Tornado
    06.Torrential Tribute
    07.Call of the Haunted
    08.Bottomless Trap Hole

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  2. Mechaknucles

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    Treeborn Frog is the better of the two, I think.
    -Dark Hole :-\ (Illegal April First)
    +Mirror Force ;)
    -Magical Merchant or Dust Tornado or Tsukuyomi (I would take this one out though) ???
    +Graceful Charity ;)
    (Both are legal as of April First (APRIL FOOLS! BUT NOT THE LIST!) :D.)

    But a "budget" deck. Pretty cool. Like Icy chill...
    Sorry, bout the Dark Hole Banning, now you have to get a Mirror force or something... Please Rate mine (after I type in the updates! DARN YOU BAN LIST!)
  3. That is pretty straight forward I like it.^^ My cyber dragons were fairly easy to get though Well prolly by luck plus not to be mean but guys do fold fairly easy i think it's because i'm the only girl that duels at the big tournments we have. O_O

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