My boyfriend everyone!


Sally Twit
My loving boyfriend said if my Birthday happened to fall under one of the World Cup days, he would rather stay at home and watch England than take me out for a meal on my Birthday. :ban:


I'm serious
And ouch. Another reason to add to the list of why I hate fuckball.
Don't mind me, I am just still a little bit bitter about the fact that you broke off our marriage before it even began! I am still licking the last of the wounds, but the WC having started has made these wounds easier to heal!

If you would have had me as apposed to trowing me in the dumpster over the WC, I would have taken your sexy ass out to dinner rather than watching any game! But no!!! :rolleyes:


Ms. Malone
I'll be watching the football on my birthday, whether England are in the finals or not.

Heck, i'd rather stay in and watch the footie than go out for a nice meal anyway :D


Son of Liberty
I lawled.

By the way... Im with you on hating this damn sport. When is this wimpy ass stuff gonna be over?

I'm sick and tired of hearing about "Bone Crushing Tackles" and then see stills of these pussies crying because the ball is to accurate. For fucks sake, Soccer/Futbol is the shittiest sport around.

I get more enjoyment out of watching Curling.