My book report on Green Eggs and ham

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  1. merob

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    We were asked to write a critical analysis on our book of choice.
    I picked Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

    This was the first draft. They're still a few spelling errors, and sentences that need to be reworked. Have a good lol
    Here's half the report.

    Green eggs and ham

    Green Eggs and Ham, a popular children’s novel written by Dr. Seuss, follows an unnamed character in his attempts to avoid an eerie stranger. The conflict emerges when the main character is approached by a weird figure, Sam-I-Am, and asked to eat a plate of green eggs and ham.

    Through out the story, Sam constantly pushes the unnamed character to eat the obscure platter, and stalks him through a variety of locations. The characters proceed through a house, tree, car, and train, in which Sam effortlessly pleaded the main character try the food. The story approaches an end when the two become involved in a train collision, and find them selves in a shallow pool of water, surrounded by passengers. In the midst of confusion, the passengers work with Sam-I-Am, and provoke the unnamed character, try both the green eggs and the ham. Overcoming his own disgust, the main character ironically enjoyed the meal, and discovered it his favorite dish.

    Many often describe Green Eggs and Ham as a tale which encourages young children to become open minded, and try new things. From a pessimistic stand point, Sam-I-Am – an unusual name for a person - maybe compared to a drug dealer - aggravating a target and subjecting them to constant influence, which in this case ultimately persuaded the main character to eat a plate as gruesome as “green eggs and hamâ€Â.

    A more subtle and less opinionated critical analysis is the battle between ignorance, and common understanding

  2. Blur

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    lmfao a drug dealer? lol

    with all his political cartoons i would have guessed sam i am would have somethin to do with uncle sam? dunno
  3. merob

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    Yeah, I'm using that as support in my essay.
  4. lilbballfrk

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    wow.. i think it was great. lol. it made a children's book sound so.. smart.. LOL
  5. Malificus

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    Isn't green Eggs and ham the book Seuss did on a bet (Something like write a book using only so many words)?
  6. lmao, great essay, I liked it. Sam-I-Am is a DRUG DEALER?!?!?!?
  7. merob

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    I wasn't calling him a drug dealer straight out, the idea was just an opening/support for other thoughts in my essay.
  8. Yeah I know. I'm just saying it out of like stupidy.
  9. I am wondering why you'd pick Green Eggs and Ham to do a book report on when you are 17, I'd have picked a more complex book to analyze.
  10. merob

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    you have to poke at every post dont you?
    I was just letting people know in general. A lot of my friends got my focus confused.

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