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My Best Friend?


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My Bestfriend?

I know this guy and he's my bestfriend, we've been friends for years and years and i wouldnt want to ruin anything but i really like him yet hes going out with my other bestfriend, Faye and i have no idea what to do.
I dont want to split them up because they seem really happy together but i just cant handle been around them both then when Rhys asks me whats wrong i cant tell him the truth and he knows I'm lying then we argue.​

What do i do ?​



I've been in your shoes before. The guy I liked actually liked my best friend and they got into a relationship together. So me and this guy remained just friends. I didn't do or say anything to ruin their relationship and I'm happy I did that.
Though they're not together anymore, I'm glad the relationship didn't end for my fault and that I didn't ruin neither friendship.

Trust me, unless he feels the same about you, it's not worth ruining something you and him already have. Let them be in that relationship unless he's the one to break up and come to you.
Let him decide who he wants to be with.
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It is indeed difficult to be placed in a situation such as yours. Restricting your emotions may be quite tasking but breaking something beautiful just to please your pleasures and feelings is taboo. Just think of it this way, love doesn't have to be always consummated, great love is something you offer a person depsite of not being able to have him in your life. In your situation, the only consolation of restraining your feeling is the assurance that you'll both have them as your friends through life.