My best friend is back from Iraq...


Hell, It's about time!
Just for two weeks though. He is in the Army 2nd ID Stryker Brigade. He's really down in the thick of it all. He was telling me tales of how his unit got ambushed by a few insurgents. They all hunkered down and managed to quell the interaction. He mentioned how bullets went whizzing past his head one night on a roof top, an IED went off behind their patrol one day. He says he really respects his life now after a lot of what happened. He also said he shot and wounded an insurgent. That’s something he said changed him. He is happy to be back in the states. He has another 10 months. Here is hoping he makes it back next time.


A Darker Knight
My cousin got back from Irag a year or so ago too. He brought me a blank Iraqi passport. dirt and all :D

I don't think my cousin got that much combat action like your friend did though. Glad he's okay.