My beautiful England (pics)


Lion Rampant

First picture I took, from a moving Tube coach out of Heathrow. Londoners will recognize this as Battersea power plant. Jeanie will recognize it from a Pink Floyd album cover.

I celebrated my arrival with a Cuban, a cherry brandy (I ordered sherry, but whatever) and a soak. Snicker as you like about the tea tray and the shower cap; I will offer no defense.

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

A rainbow welcomed me to Cambs. It was much more colorful and impressive to the naked eye than this picture would lead you to believe.

My friend Laura, with whom I finally met up after two years of promising. This was taken with my camera by a passing stranger in front of our B&B, a converted single-family, Victorian-era dwelling now known as the Charlotte House Hotel.


This is Micklegate Bar, part of York's ancient fortification system built in the 12th Century to repel hot-tempered Scotsmen bent on shagging the locals and making off with their swag. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that the Bar isn't a bar at all, but an actual city gate.

Clifford's Tower in the rain and two wet Yorkies.

I grabbed a sausage from a street vendor and my friend posed me in front of a butcher's... What the hell?! LAURAAAA!!!

Magnificent and majestic York Minster cathedral (C of E). The Roman column in the foreground dates back approximately two thousand years.

Speaking of Romans, Constantine the Great (no jokes, please) was crowned emperor in A.D. 306 on the spot where the Minster now stands.

View from the top. I had to climb 275 steps up a spiral staircase to get this shot and damn it, you WILL appreciate this picture. On the horizon you can just make out the Yorkshire Dales.

Stonework detail from the tower on the left in the previous pic. Note freaky head at upper right.

One of many gravestones set into the Minster's floor. This poor baby died at "ye age of 18 weekes" and was apparently a fan of Casper the friendly ghost.

The tomb of Archbishop Richard Sterne, who may have learned his mad kicking back skills while imprisoned for a few years by the Roundheads in the mid-1600s.


Stone lions guard the steps of Leeds Town Hall. Lions rule. That's right, I'm a Leo.

I decided to call this suit of armor "Alphonse Hormel." Not sure why. Can you see the swan?

A 1922 war memorial depicts St. George on one side with an angel watching over him and Victory holding a dove of peace on the reverse of the monument.

Leeds Parish Church: the ground-level tomb of one Sarah Fenton, 20, which was unceremoniously sheared off to make room for a modern driveway.

Library spires topped with golden owls rise to the heavens behind some really terrible modern art.

A statue of the Black Knight in his early years, before he lost his limbs in a fight with Graham Chapman. If you don't get that joke, you suck hard.


Her Majesty's Canal Boat Emma Victoria sits moored on the Nottingham Canal. This picture was taken from the yard of the local courthouse - and no, I didn't see the Sheriff.

On a side note, a dog named Guzzler peed on my suitcase at Nottingham's rail station while I was giving his master a spare crown. I didn't think to take a photo of the event.

Back to London

The obligatory tourist picture of helmeted bobbies. It was the morning of President Obama's arrival and the bulls were everywhere. The one on the right has a slight smile on his face because he had just flashed me a big cheesy grin after seeing me pointing my camera in their direction. I wish I could say that I've seen an American cop with a sense of humor, but I haven't.

England is awesome. I'll be going back soon to hit some of the places (and people) I missed this first time round.


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Wow, great pics.

I particularly like the picture with LARD written fitting!!!

So you enjoyed it?

You should come further south of London next time, in my County of Sussex, we have wonderful coutryside and some decent history ourselves. Hever Castle, where Hanry the VIII and one of his wives Anne Boleyn lived.

What else did you get up to, did you experience the night life?

How about our grub, did you have plenty of tea and scones!!?
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I love the pictures, especially the York ones. But I have to say, the shower cap one is my favourite.

I wonder what that swan is doing right now.....


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Those are some really cool pics you got there Tucker.

Looks and sounds like you really enjoyed your visit to England! :D

I like the last pictures of the policemen the historic buildings.


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very nice. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

and as to the Black Knight, don't worry, it was just a flesh wound.


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I've seen all those York pictures! I went to every place when I was there last year. :D Well, I'm not sure about the butchers....but still! :hah: Did you go on the York Eye thing?

Which was your favourite part of England, and why?


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You do realise that under section 76 of the Counter Terrorism Act(2008) and section 58A of the Terrorism Act(2000) to take photographs of police-officers in the UK can be a prisonable offence. Count yourself lucky you didn't get your liberal American ways truly trunchoen'd!!! ....or perhaps you did and thats why he has that grin on his face.:sick:
Why can’t we take pictures of policemen?

I like the lard picture:lol:


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I thought you'd be posting a pic of yourself with all the G20 protesters.

Those pics are great but I have to admit that the captions sometimes eclipsed images.