My bass guitar may be done for


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Been pretty bummed about it all week. I've had it for about fifteen years now and it was given to me as a dying wish from a friend (didn't know it at the time but about a year later he passed and I came to realize). I know it's all about the sentimental attachment and whatnot, but I do view it as the last part of him left here. Well as of right now the shop I sent it to (one of the best in the area) hasn't figured out what's wrong but even from the getgo they were implying that it's probably going to be time for a new bass. Unfortunately being unemployed for the moment, even for a cheap used model it's not an investment I want to rush out and make.


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Well it's a guitar. If someone can't find out what's wrong, then they must not know what they are doing. You wouldn't believe how simple guitars are. A couple of pick-ups, some strings, tone and volume knobs, and a wire to an amp. Not much more than that. It's not complicated at all.

Replace the pickups and female input area. Should fix anything, lol.