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Hey there. Im new to this place (joined like 10 min ago)

I was wondering if any of you guys pay any kind of music?

For my own part I have been playing bass for something like 7 years, but have cut down the last couple of years due to severe wrist damage.

But I'm still going strong within the music scene with two metal bands on the go. Not as a bassist tho, but as leadsinger/screamer

Check them out if you are into metal - MindFlay - - Metal / Thrash / Death Metal - - Mecachine - DK - Metal / Metal / Metal -
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There are a few people who play in bands. I wish I could play an instrument but I can't. Might try to learn one down the road. For now my iPod works just fine for me. ;)
Ive played bass for 2 years (ish) and trumpet for 9 years (ALMOST 10)

Most of my shows are jams, and arnt recorded. Ill record one eventually. :)