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Hello, guys. I've kind of avoided this section because I used to be a big member of several pet forums. I outgrew them, and ended up finding GF. So I was a little tired of talking about my pets. Haha. But I feel like I should at least show the buggers off. ;) So here they are:

This is Penny (Yorkshire Terrier):

This is Chaquita (Chihuahua/Schipperke Mix):

This is Callie (Mix):

This is Ivy (DSH):

And these are just the pets at my house. My parents have five over there, all courtesy of me. ;) I'll post those in the reply to this post. :)
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Ok, here are the pets my parents have. Both dogs they have are for adoption. They are just fostering them until we can find them a home. If you are interested, let me know, and I can tell you more.

Here are the cats...

This is Layla (DSH):

This is Charlie (DSH):

This is Kiddo (DLH) - we raised her since she was about four days old:

And here are the dogs...

This is Gonzo (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) - for adoption:

This is Bailey (Terrier mix) - for adoption:

Hope you like all the animals! :)


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They are all adorable. They all look healthy and happy which is great. I like animal lovers!


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For some reason I was expecting a picture of your boobs....not quite sure why!!!

Cute pictures, particularly with the cats, that kitten looks adorable.

My Nan has a Yorkshire Terrior and I know how much of a hand full they can be sometimes, especially when he has a fellow terrior companion!!

Good luck with your babies!!