My attempt

Well I got my computer stolen at the beginning of the year so I haven't seen PSP in about...a year lol.

This is my first attempt since back. All credit due to for the renders themselves.

Only my 4th sig ever...what do you guys think?

Vash the Stampede! Hell yes! Nice! Trigun is a pimp series!!!

Good artistic value! I like how he is fading and can see thru him kinda! Also a nice choice of text for ur name!

Good job, bro!


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TBH, I don't like the Green thingy you have there, the font is ok-ish, that could be changed too and on other hand, i like it
Yeah I don't have a wide range of fonts so I just got the best I could.

And the green thing was actually a render that I made into a "moon" lookng thing


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Yay! Thank gosh we have more people making sigs. It's been quiet in here with Tan gone and Kyo trying to keep it up.

It's very nice, although that green moon doesn't fight. It looks like gun splatter or something. The font is bleh but everything else is pretty good.


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It's pretty hard trying to trust meh Himie ;_;

But Sui...that sig is smexy looking:w00t: I gotta admit, what were you doing on that other computer if a sig like this looks this good?! There are two things wrong with it though, the font(which really doesn't matter), and the way that the moonish thing is set. Maybe you could of lowered the opacity and maybe smudged a few parts ya know? Either way this sig still looks good*glomps it*