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Plug My Article on The Geek Initiative About Intergender Wrestling

Misha Mayhem

Registered Member
So, I wrote an article on The Geek Initiative, about how thrilled I am with intergender wrestling matches, upon watching Lucha Underground. You can read it here. Both Ivelisse, herself, read it, retweeted it, and told me I did a good job. Plus, after hearing about Jim Cornette's bitching about Lucha Underground, my friend, Harry, tweeted it to him, and apparently, Cornette agrees with the content of my article. O__O Holy hell. Anyway, enjoy!


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Great work Misha! A good read for sure. I think one of the biggest reasons we may never see intergender competition is their concern about kids reenacting (cue the "don't try this at home" commercials). Whether they're correct in that or not, I think they'll keep that at the forefront unless this trend gets huge in every other promotion.


Registered Member
Great read, Misha! I see that you've done your research on the matter, citing the Andy Kaufman history with intergender wrestling! :)