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My 2 crazy dogs.


Registered Member
Zara and Lucy.
Just because I Love them. X


your dogs are so much win!!
Do you keep any tigers/cats at home or whatever ? What else do you have?[I'm guessing rats, also]


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Thank you EllieDicious, I Love the naughty monsters to bits.
We used to take in Rats who needed a new home, we had 15 at one point, but I just can't do it anymore.
So just Zara and Lucy for now.
They pester the life out of me so I've not got much time left for anything else. :rolleyes:


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You should love them!
They are adorable....cutie patooties :)


still nobody's bitch
Is it Zara in the front and Lucy in the back? Lucy looks like she's full of mischief <3


Well-Known Member
Cool dogs.

What are their breeds?

I love dogs, definitely not a cat person. Good pick there.


Creeping On You
I definitely like the big one. I'm not a huge fan of smaller dogs but yours is still not too bad. Good job!


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Yeah Jeanie, Zara is the big pest and Lucy is the little monster.
They're both full of mischief!!!

Thanks dDave. :cool:
Zara is a Border Collie cross and Lucy is a miniature Jack Russell.
Don't know what Zara is crossed with though.
I was the same Smelnick, I Love big cuddly dogs and Zara is like a teddy bear, but we couldn't let Lucy go to jail and Keith said he was thinking about maybe getting a smaller dog, once he'd heard about Lucy's situation.
After months of me pestering him to get a friend for Zara to play with and saying no, he insisted we took her.
Now I adore my little mouse dog, ha ha.
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I thought I saw Jack Russel in one.
My favorite breed of dog is a shih-tzu.......and then next to that, a Saint Bernard ~LoL~
But no way would I attempt that one, the food bills alone would break me, not to mention the huge shovel I would have to purchase if he decided to take a dump in the house.
Jack Russels are playful dogs, so full of energy.....keep you going!!