My 1st Mini Skirt >_<


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i bought my first mini skirt a few days before school started
and i put it on yesterday without these leggings i bought for outfits
and when my mom saw it she told me i couldn't wear it without the leggings
so i told her i put the leggings in my backpack
when we got into the car and started driving my mom asked to see of the leggings were in my back pack and i told her i was lying
then we got into a big arguement about it
and that resulted in me getting out of the car and walking back home
she turned around and followed me home and got the keyboard the the mouse with her
and i stayed home all that day in my room

the next day, today, i wore the skirt with the leggings in the car
then i took of the legging at school
at the end of the day my friend and her friend were going to go walk over to her job
and this other friend who i was currently hanging out with decided to go walk with them outside to the end of the street
when we started to walk out the door i felt a breeze and stayed inside and told them to go ahead
when i noticed my friend coming back and came towards the door
a big gust of wind came and right away i put my hands on the front of my skirt
but the wind blew behind too and my skirt flew up exposing my ass to everyone behind me
my friend came in and ran to pull my skirt down behind me like it was an instant impulse
then i got on the side of the wall and press my back into it so it wouldn't fly up
there was a guy who i talked to on friday and he was acting perverted and laughing
then 2 minutes later my friend asked me to watch her stuff cause she had to go get a drink
i watched her stuff and while i was waiting for her to come back that guy who i had talken to the other day said "there, there, its going to be ok"
he could tell i was mortified and then i said "shut up, you perve"
i said it in a miserable way though
then some guy who came out of the office whistled at me and said hey to me and all i could do was cover my mouth and blush
i have a feeling he saw what happened, just a hunch
i think today i felt my mom's voice yelling at me to wear my leggings
and thats why my skirt flew up

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Nature's great isn't it? :D

So I take it you were wearing one of those frilly-looking ones. The jean ones I see many people wearing wouldn't fly up like that.


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Wow, that sucks you should wore those leggings or something under it so that didn't happen. That must have been embarrassing. Either way those guys didn't have to act like a bunch of perverted losers.