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My 1 verse aussie hip hop


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I've been infatuated with the aussie hip hop scene for years and have a 64 page notebook filled with verses (as I lose interest or think its bad so I move on). I decided that I should try and rhyme one of my verses over Pure Products - Goes On beat*. I composed a verse called "Moved On". And is related to a very bad breakup I have recently had. The quality is terrible I know but I'd like to get some feedback, although it is pretty terrible. One last thing swearing warning, I swear in the track so if your against that then don't listen to it.

Moved On - TS

*I hold no rights to the beat, it is not mine it belongs to the aussie hip hop group 'Pure Product' I used it as I don't have the right equipment to make my own beats right now.
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