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MW3 vs Battlefield 3

Which will be better MW3 or BF3?

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Where is my Queen?
I was just posting on a thread and somebody said that MW3 and Battlefield 3 are almost alike. I think that they are 2 completely different games in their own right. In Battlefield you have vehicles in COD you don't. In Battlefield the only way to win is by using stategy and/or working with your team, in COD you don't. COD is a great run and shoot game (in some cases camp and shoot), and has many multiplayer modes unlike Battlefield that only has 3 modes.

So what game do you think will win this year? I am going to get both but I want to know what game you think will be better and why.
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Problematic Shitlord
I'm not going off on you, but here's my two cents.

People who think there is a 'war' are morons. As you hinted at, the games are not the same. As a matter of fact, they're very very different. People are simple-minded and just think "Both are FPS's, they must be the same." The reality of it is that BF has always been known to be series that favors a large scale, tactical approach while CoD is known for it's fast-paced action in smaller areas. Both games fit a niche and both have excellent titles in their catalogs.

Some more myths about this fake war:

One does not require more thinking than the other.

One does not have more skilled players than the other.

One does not have more campers than the other (although one does have far more players which may explain this illusion).

Both have terrible and great games bearing their namesakes and both are great fun to play, it just depends on how you like to play.

EDIT: You really needed a fourth option for "They're both good"
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Where is my Queen?
You are right Merc, this is a fake war. I just can't stand the hardcore COD players that don't even give Battlefield a chance, and the same goes to hardcore Battlefield players. I was one of the hardcore COD players, and forced myself back in the Battlefield series. So now when I get tired of Battlefield I will pop in Black Ops. My brother harasses me that I am getting both and I am not a true fan to the COD series which is not true, I am fan of both, and I am going to get both. A casual gamer will look at both games and think that these games are pretty much the same. With my experience with campers on Battlefield vs COD there has been less campers in Battlefield because of the destructible enviroment, and like you mention Merc more players play COD so we do see it more frequently on COD.

Come mid October, every gamer is going to hear this debate, and quite honestly we do need a 4th option up there, that they are both great. How do I add that 4th option?


Problematic Shitlord
I don't know if you can edit a poll once you a post it but don't worry about it.

People that debate this just want something to complain about OR they're hardcore fans of one of the series in question.


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All right, so I feel I have to defend myself here as it was me that said they were similar games. The fact is, they are similar games and I just don't understand how you can't see that. Sure they have their differences, but they both are the same genre and have similar game modes within them among other things. The majority of people who aren't gamers or that are just fanboys of either game are going to say that. For the record, I will more than likely be picking up both games at some point, just in the gift suggestion thread where this was said, he was asking for two games to give as a gift. I personally would want to be given games from different genres rather than games that were very similar.


Creeping On You
They're in the same genre. However, Halo is also a first person shooter, and so is Gears of War. Really, the only thing making bf3 and cod similiar is the fact that they're set in a more realistic setting with realistic guns etc. Having played battlefield though, I know its not that similiar to cod. battlefield has a completely different type of spawning . Sure, there are similiar game modes, but the mechanics of the game are different. CoD is a run and gun game. Minimal strategy comes into play. Battlefield, has larger teams against each other, and definitely there is more strategy that comes into play.

Basically though, these two games really aren't in competition with each other, because they both bring seperate things to the table.


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As much as I love the CoD franchise, I am going to buy Battlefield 3 first because I like the trailer better than Modern Warefare 3's. The fact that you can destroy buildings unlike in CoD is epic.


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If I had to chose one it would be BF3, but because I can I am going to get both. I think they are different games in there own and will both be fun.


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I'm gonna go with MW3. I tried the last BF game and the action was slow by comparison. I am a creature of habit, so change is not something I usually welcome. I hated when they changed wikipedia, hated when they changed google, really hate the 'new' yahoo mail... so yeah when I got from my fast paced COD to the slowed down BF it kinda irritates me. That is not to say I wouldn't play both, just prefere what I already know, which is COD. However, I still like to go back and play BF2:MC on my PS2 online. I hope it is still online when I get back stateside haha.


If you look at it as a "Well they're both war games and they're both fps, so they're basically the same" then of course you won't see a difference.

Well then Secret of Mana and Legend of Zelda are basically the same because it's a fantasy world and you have a top down view with cartoony characters.

The generalisation is fine, I mean I'm not huge into either camp to say which is better. I know I prefer Battlefield over COD just because Bad Company 2 was fucking hilarious but COD still has amazing storylines and visuals, something people rarely bring up when they talk about the game. Mainly because everyone just plays multiplayer.

MW3 looks great and so does BF3. But BF3 will probably win out here.