MW3 may not happen; Some IW sue Activision


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Activision has broken up Infinity Ward completely. Once the new map pack is finished for MW2 they will be given their outright release. Modern Warfare 3 and the other two in-progress Call of Duty games will be split between two Activision studios that have never had anything to do with the franchise.

Analyst: Infinity Ward will be ?essentially closed? after next map pack is released | General Gaming News

So MW3 will happen, but it might not be any good. Of course, it could be better. I think it will be bloated and full of itself just like Halo 3.


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Activision should have just paid those employees the money they were owed.

It looks like West and Zampella's lawsuit just got a huge boost in its credibility, now that Activison is being sued by an army of its own employees rather than by just 2 people.


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CoD is sort of dead for me. The 2 lead designers already left and formed Respawn Entertainment and 28 IW employees already left as well.

I'll go back to CoD 2 or 4 in case i miss it.


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I'm sure it will happen. its to big of a franchise to let just go down the drain. Activision is a Company and they know what franchises make them money. They'll spit out at least one more MW before they give up on it.