Sony MVP 05

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by The_Show_Stopper, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. The_Show_Stopper

    The_Show_Stopper Registered Member

    Does anyone else still play this game? I do, a whole lot and I still think its the best baseball game that I've ever played. I have MLB 2K6 and I've played MLB 2K7, I've also played MLB 2006 The Show...they're all good games, but, IMO, none of them are anywhere near being as good as MVP 05.

  2. Cynical

    Cynical Guest

    The ONLY baseball game I play is MVP 2005 I cant stand any of the other games. I just recently tracked down MVP 05 for the PC and it is AWESOME.
  3. The_Show_Stopper

    The_Show_Stopper Registered Member

    Yeah I have it for the PC as well. Its sweet because you can get roster updates too.
  4. Cynical

    Cynical Guest

    Its AMAZING how many people still play this game huh? I bought the PC game for $10 brand new off of Craiglist.....................yup $10 for a game that is selling on EBay for $70 plus. I need to find more time so I can play more
  5. Dannyboy9695

    Dannyboy9695 Guest

    no I dont play it anymore. i did love it. It was the best baseball game made by EA

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