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Mustangs: Why the FUCK....


Do What Thou Wilt
Why the FUCK haven't mustangs died out yet? I think they are the very bottom of the sports car ladder and here are a few reasons why.
(throughout this rant, I will be comparing it to the Porsche 911, which may be seen as a poor comparison, but, well, read the rant.)

1: I see Mustangs LITERALLY every time I go into town or on the highway. And I am not lying about this. I see a Mustang EVERY SINGLE DAY. Part of owning a Sports Car is the Cool Factor. How can a car be Cool if you see it EVERYWHERE? I only see Porsches or other high end sports cars occassionaly, 99% of them I've seen in only one place, and that is the hugely rich city of New Port, RI. And even in New Port, I saw more Stangs than I could count. I saw only 4 Porsches. Whats that say about Cool?

2: They are insanely under powered. Tested on Top Gear with a dyno, a 2009 Mustang GT500 (which is rated at 500 Horsepower by Ford (hence the name)), got only 415 horsepower, with its pitiful V8 engine. The Porsche 911 got the same amount, with a 6 cylinder. And then the Mustang weighs a pretty good amount, and is a big car, while the Porsche 911, with the same horsepower, but is significantly lighter, and thus needs only the same horsepower to go so much better.

3: Piss poor suspension. Stangs use an old fashioned live axle suspension, meaning that when racing, a big thing for sports cars everywhere, means it turns like a pitiful piece of shit. The Roush uses a modernized suspension, but it still turns like a mofo. While the Porsche 911, with the weight, suspension, and power of a true racing car, is turning inside Mustangs every day.

4: ITS NOT A DAMN SPORTS CAR! People everywhere talk about "Oh the Mustang, its a beast of a sports car." But, it was NEVER a sports car. It was built from the very beginning to be a muscle car. To be powerful, to be modified. A true sports car comes packaged to you in Pristine condition. if you had a Porsche, you wouldn't dare do that, for fear of staining its beautiful internals.

5: ITS FUCKING UGLY! Come on, if it has the title "Sports Car" by the rest of the world, shouldn't it LOOK like a sports car? Instead, it is some hideous BRICK of a car. The Mustang is just UGLY. A Porsche, has fine curves on a finely built and designed body that has stood the test of time.

So in conclusion, I would by a Mustang if I where the kind of a guy who looks at his sister and goes "HMMMMMM"

YouTube - Mustang GT500 car review - Top Gear - BBC


Hell, It's about time!
To each his own. I have a Mustang... Mine is a beauty because I take care of it. It's a Silver 2001 GT. Aside from driving in the snow, it runs like a dream, it has enough horsepower to do the job, and I can go two weeks without filling up the tank. Mine has a 4.6L V8 engine... You just have to give it TLC. I've left Corvettes and Chargers in the dust with mine before... you just have to have the right one. I will admit dropping from a 5.0L to a 4.6 was a bad choice on Ford's part, but it still has the giddy-up to get the job done. If they look like shit it's because their owners don't take care of them, and I've seen enough of them, but I also see an equal amount of ones that look great because their owners take care of them.

So back off my Mustang :nono:
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Creeping On You
There was one year of mustang that I thought was horribly ugly. I think it was the 05 convertible one. I don't remember, all I know is my mom was looking at them, and she was swooning, and I thought it was super ugly. But then, she's got this thing about Ford so :facepalm:

I do like the look of the older mustangs though. Like the 70-80's. And maybe the really new ones aren't so bad. There's just that one range of years in there where Ford was coming out with ugly vehicles in general. I'm liking the look their starting to get now though. Back to the box!


Registered Member
Yeah, mustangs pretty much blew dick from their early 80s to about 2004 I think. I think that's when the body style changed. Then it sucked some more! I like the 2010 models though. I think they have a nice more badass look from the previous new model.

I own a mustang, haha. A 94 one. I hate it. I hate the popularity of mustangs in general as well. But maybe it's because people think they are so bad ass and they are cheap.


Living on the 0th floor
I have never been a big fan of Mustangs... I mean the fan base is HUGE, so they aren't going to die out anytime soon, but the appeal is just not there for me. Also, the price is right on them which helps out a lot too. If we are talking about the modern day muscle cars that have been brought back I'll take a new Camaro or Challenger first. But for me, all of the models since the 70's just don't do it for me.


Do What Thou Wilt
I think Classic mustangs are that. Classic. They had a good reputation, for good reason, they where great cars, compared to virtually everything else out their. Though, to import a Porsche at the same time was several times as much.

I mean, all power to you Pro, especially since yours is pre 2005, but the 2005 model and after have just been ugly.


Registered Member
Mustangs are everywhere because they are made pretty damn well and are affordable while still keeping someone of the prestige they used to have.

Besides you should realize while watching Top Gear, America has very few quality sports cars so we should be holding on to the few we have.


Embrace the Suck
I used to own a '68 Mustang with a 289 small block V8, I loved that car. I'm in the market for a '66 now actually. A buddy of mine used to have an '86 GT, great car also. They've always been my favorite muscle car.


Registered Member
I think the 2011 (I think maybe 2010 as well) Mustangs are pretty slick. I like how they changed the head and tail lights just right.



4 legs good 2 legs bad
The classic Mustangs are pretty cool, but the newer ones I don't care for. I think the styling sucks. The only plus side is affordability, but then again, you get what you pay for.