Must not have been his time to go...


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Seriously this guy shot himself 5 times in the head with an older pistol and once in the stomach and LIVED! > World > Man shoots himself five times in head and survives

I'd say it wasn't quite his time to go.

Of course whatever his situation was that was bad enough to commit suicide before is even worse now. Now he has 5 head injuries and a stomach injury to throw into the mix.

Seriously, suicide does not fix problems. Attempted suicide DEFINITELY doesn't fix problems. At least now maybe he can get some help. :shake:


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Oh man how bad of an F-up do you gotta be to not even properly Off Yourself. Wow this guy is gonna have an incredibly low self esteem when he gets out of the hospital.
Why try to kill yourself after 84 years? How much longer does he really have to wait for nature to take its course?

The man, who lived alone, reportedly used a very old gun and ammunition. The gunpowder did not explode with as much power as would normally occur, according to police.

"Otherwise the first shot would already have been fatal," Gab said.
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Well he's lucky to have survived, now he has some time to think about getting his act together.

Luckily the gun didn't explode with enough gun powder so teh bullets didn't go far enough in.