Muslims in America are fine but Middle eastern Muslims different



I know here in America Muslims respect the rules and history of our country but middle eastern muslims make it seem like Men Under Satans Legs In Mental State
and Insane Suicide Lust& And Muder
Misguided to an extreme. I know, you may think that this is true, but thats an extremely judgemental and prejudice outlook on a particular group of people. I encourage you to go out and actually meat some "evil" Middle Eastern Muslims before you make assumptions about them. Could they not make the same assumptions about European Christians? "Those crazy bastards go on crusades and kill whomever they want." Throughout time every single relgion in every single region has created some sort of atrocity. (This is slightly an exaggeration, but not by far) Declaring that ALL Middle Eastern Muslims are such is an act or extreme prejudice as well as extremely misguided. Would you contend that every single America likes war, because we are at war? I think not.

To make something of this thread, let's discuss the actual prejudice view people have gained of Middle Eastern Muslims. Do you think it's valid? Where do you think it comes from?


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Remind me again why you think we'd make you mod if your best post so far is a childish and blindly prejudiced attack on Muslims and Islam?

Whiney, Over-judgmental, Lying, False, Muslism Attacking Nutjob.

Not nice or mature, is it? It's very easy to villainize Muslims through psuedo-Christian plays on words in today's day and age, but trust me. You're adding to the problem, not fixing it. All sorts of people cause problems and it's easy to say their whole group should be at fault. I choose to think along the lines of George Carlin in reference to groups,

". . . they're just like any other group of people. A few winners and a whole lot of losers." - George Carlin


got family working and vacatoning out East
by all accounts folks there are prayerfull like an law abiding.... mostly
quick to anger handy with a cricket bat and good in a fight
and the chicks are fitter than the weathers hot

just sayin


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I for one side with Wolfman. I've met every single Muslim in the Middle-East, and they're all assholes. They're no different than the Muslims here-- or the Christians for that matter-- but that's beside the point. The only nice person I've ever met is an uncircumsized Jewish atheist Puerto Rican Austin police officer from New York.

I'd laugh if I weren't describing a real person.


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It was French born muslims in France causing the riots and British born muslims in England plotting mass murder. It will be American born muslims in the US when they get around to it. I don't think we have enough yet. Normally muslims are quiet and peace loving until they get to be a significant percentage. I have friends who live in Michigan who would like to send all the muslims back to where they came from. The ratio of peaceloving v. non-peaceloving muslims is changing. Certainly the somali muslim cab drivers didn't mind who they drove around when there were just a few competing with others for the privilige of driving fares. It wasn't until they gained parity wiith other drivers that they started refusing to take fares.

Can't make generalizaitons when the premise for the generalization is fluid.