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Music's Bitrate?


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I have Bose satellite speakers and base box on my PC but it was only $30 for the set. Picked them up used from a guy at one of my old jobs. Turned out they were easily worth the $30. They still sound perfect 5 years later.
Yeah, Bose is awesome. My parents' car has Bose speakers in it and it sounds great. I want to get some of those Bose headphones, but they're pretty expensive.


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After looking around and talking to a few friends, Andrew, it is possible to encode mp3s at higher bit rates than 320kbps. Its just that not too many ripping programs support that, unless you're going absolutely crazy.

I've had two rather nice sets of speakers. On my old computer, i had a set of Harmon Kardon 2.1 speakers that came with the PC. Those things were rather good, except i think i blew my subwoofer out a few years ago, so the bass will pop from time to time. I currently have a pair of x-230s from Logitech. They are really nice, although i haven't maxed them out yet. (the Harmon Kardon ones could be heard down by my RD's office, which is 6 rooms down the hall, and through two solid wooden doors.)


192 or higher... If I'm downloading it, I'll stray towards the 192 end of things, so I dont kill my ratio and so I can get it quicker, if I'm ripping it I'll use 320. I think flac is kind of unnecessary... most people dont have nice enough speakers to tell the difference between 320 and lossless anyways, and the difference in the file size is so huge that your hard drive will hate you for it.


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I usually go with 192 for m4a, sometimes higher on mp3 though. Keeps the quality fairly good without sacrificing filesize too bad.


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I rarely use it, but it's been done :/


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I try to go with the highest bitrate that I can. I have some songs with 128 bps or less, and I can notice the lack of quality. It sounds tinny and distorted. I listen to a lot of music, and I care about audio quality. The original cds are the prefered method of listening, but digital music has its charms, with playlists and not having to switch cds and what not.
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