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Musicians You Can't Stand


I ♥ Haters
Remember how I did a thread about actors you can’t stand? I thought I’d do the same thing but with musicians. Lately, I’ve been trying to listen to a lot of different types of music, and let me tell you, it’s not an easy task because there is just so much shit out there – I don’t even know where to begin. Here are a couple of “artists” I really can’t stand:

ICP – how these douchers are still putting out music is just beyond me. Their music is simply awful.

LMFAO, 3OH!3 – I’m just gonna clump all these crappy boy bands together because they’re all the same and above they all suck. LMFAO is the worst of the two, to be honest. The only reason they’re even famous is because one of their dads own a record label. They are living proof of the age old concept – “It’s not what you know in show business, it’s who you know.” These guys suck.

Ke$ha – I won’t lie, as much as I despise Ke$ha, some of her music is really catchy. I feel like I should be slapped for saying that.

I’m probably gonna get shit for this one, but I hate Evanescence. Don’t get me wrong, I love a band that still puts out music with meaning to it, but does the meaning behind every song have to be boo-hoo-fucking-hoo? It’s the same whiney songs over and over again.

Nickelback – I’m not even gonna explain this one.

Are there any musicians out there that you don't like?


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Easiest thread ever for me to answer: Bono, and U2. I think Bono is a pretentious ass, and I cannot stand any of U2's music.

Also, Ben Lee. His music literally makes me want to stab my ears out with hot pokers


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+1 All the ones you listed, Bubz and Imp.

I'm going to catch some flack for this, I'm sure: Steven Tyler. Are Aerosmith's songs a crucial piece of music history? Yes. Do I think Tyler is a self-absorbed twat? Yes.


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I was close to listing Steven Tyler and Nickelback as well but I didn't for a couple of reasons. Aerosmith and Nickelback both have a couple songs I enjoy from their back catalogue, and I think they're a crucial part of music because they have both influenced a lot of bands (yes, even Nickelback, how many cookie cutter rock bands are there out there who sound exactly the same? Quite a fucking few). I realise U2 are influential too, but as I don't enjoy anything from them I felt okay with listing them here. Plus, Steven Tyler somehow managed to produce Liv Tyler, and I can ignore quite a few things about his personality for that reason alone.


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U2, Nickleback, Justin Dweeber (don't faint, lol), and boy bands (imo) suck!
Btw, did I mention that
Well, if I did, just ignore that last line, LMAO! We have a neighbor that plays Garth Brooks and I'd like to play his car with my skateboard.

I like very little amounts of some pop music (get a microscope, lol) but mostly,
I hate pop music and disco. I do like some EDM but I'm very choosy about that and would toss it kwik for one good rock or metal band.


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I couldn't stand Ke$ha at first, but I'm starting to enjoy her, I like her new song called Blow.

Stag, I'm hurt. How can you hate Aerosmith. He has so many great songs, and his voice is very unique. Just razzing you bud, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I know a lot of people here are going to disagree with me on this, but I have to go with Beastie Boys, those guys are beyond annoying and I don't understand how anyone can enjoy his music.


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Ohmigosh, is it an age thing about Nickelback?? Seriously?? Cause I love them, I listen to them constantly. My favorite song is Gotta Be Somebody but I like the rocking Something In Your Mouth, I always enjoyed dancing to shit like that *ha*
Musicians I do not like: The Beatles, I do not like any of their songs, they suck and I don't see the big hoopla. Beyonce, hate her. Eminem, mainly because I loathe (c)rap music. AC/DC and Metallica, good God talk about a fucking headache. Snoop Dog-wtf?


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BR, aww that's actually perfectly fair. It's cool, because I cannot stand half of the Beastie Boys' stuff, whereas "Sabotage" gives me good tingly chills. :lol:


Embrace the Suck
I absolutely cannot stand Bon Jovi. I think they are the suckiest band EVER. I could never stand those guys. When I go to a rock concert, I want to hear rock music, not bubblegum pop crap. Jon Bon Jovi looks like a grown up Justin Beiber. Richie Sambora sucks as a guitarist.

I like pretty much all those bands, Dabs, except Eminem because I hate rap. I don't even consider it music anyway.
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I agree with hating Bon Jovi--I think I put him out of my head because I was born and raised and live in New Jersey and I repressed him in my subconscious.

I won't go far off topic but, really CO about rap? :( All's fair for opinions of taste, but the melding of African percussive oral traditions/songs with Anglo folk music sort of formed modern Rock 'N' Roll, right?