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Has anyone here been or seen the hard work in a musical?

Not many people know the hard work in musicals and think its not that hard.
I've expreinced it and the opening week i got a sour throat. Its difficult to
pull a musical off.


yea ive seen a few @ the hollywood bowl. you can see so many intensity while play the intrument and tell that they are tryin to play the best as they can. its HARD WORK


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when i was in high school i worked on stage crew and was part of the running crew for gypsy. i stayed after school everyday for weeks during rehearsals. then having to go to class all day and stay till 11pm once the show opened. it was hard work, but well worth it. people who work on musicals don't get enough credit.


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I have been in my high school musicals I loved them I may have not liked the play but I had a fun time doing them because I got to have out with a diverse group of people


I went to see Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway last year, and I still can't comprehend how they can do that kind of stuff live. Very fun to watch, actually.


Musicals dont get the credit they deserve. There is definately a lot of pressure and hard work behind every preformance. The concept is slowly becoming outdated though. the last musical i went to see was probably bring in the noise bring in the funk, and that was waaaay back.


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I absolutely love musicals. Kansas City is big into musicals, in the theatric scene, so I probably see about five or six a year depending on the year. So far this year I've seen: Guys and Dolls, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, and Cats.


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the last musical i saw was the lion king on broadway. i've actually seen in twice. its amazing how they perform night after night with the same effort. big time kudos to them.


I've seen a couple, Oliver was performed by my School last year, and Oklahoma the year before. And i Did get to see a version of Bye Bye Birdie before we got started on reheasal. Ive also seen Wicked and South Pacific. I went backstage to ask all the actors questions about how long it took and how difficult. They mostly all said it was really difficult with all the natrual disasters and relatives dying or injured and stuff.

~Milady Kaoru~

Ha!! >=D

We had a musical for our school. It was really stressing...At first I thought,"This is gonna be fuuunn!!!"


Hell no. It sucked ass!! I was so stressed out!! A lot of people got injured from the cheorgraphy because they've never danced before. How retarded is that? -.-''
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