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This is sort of a little rant.

When I drive I like to listen to the radio since it makes the drive a bit more enjoyable and I like to listen to music.

So sometimes as you know radio stations have commercials so when that happens I change station, I listen to six different stations for the most part, the two I listen to the most are mostly songs from the 70's/80's and a bit of 90's.

Sometimes when there's a commercial I'll turn to the stations that play the newer songs, and I have to say that most of the new music today sucks big time and I have to change the station right away cause it just annoys me so much. Now i'm not saying that it's new songs that are terrible, but I'd say 70% of new music today sucks and it's not even comparable to the music they made in the past.



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Yeah I have to agree with you on this most of the stuff today does suck (main pop, rap, and hip hop music), however what I don't find absolutely terribly I typically will listen to and like.


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There is still good music being made, BUT it definitely takes a little searching. The radio generally is the worst place to find good new music, and when something good does make it to the radio, you can be damn sure they'll overplay it til you hate it! :p

I guess some good artists around at the moment i'd be into... Yeasayer, Wolfmother, Noisettes, Neko Case, Melody Gardot... I'd never here any of those artists on Irish radio though.

Especially on my local radio station, Radio Kerry! They're so out of touch with even mainstream music it's actually hilarious: YouTube - Weeshie disusses Beyonce..Radio Kerry at its very best !!



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It's a lot easier nowadays to get access to the music you like. Most people who are into music specialize into a particular subculture rather than still buying chart-records. That's why the charts and popular stations are so lame.

Even for pop music there are magazines, sites or radio stations for more mature, sophisticated listeners.

I often go to 3VOOR12 - Luisterpaal for example to check some new releases. It's in Dutch, but all you gotta do is click on the album you like to listen to. The genres are really diverse, from more mainstream pop music to dance, hip-hop and metal, it's a great way to keep up with today's music-scene. It's quality only.


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I agree that most radio songs aren't that great anymore. I've noticed a steady decline over the past few years. I listen to a 90s and earlier station, basically an everything from my mom's generation to good artists from now station, and a current station. I listen to the mainstream stuff to keep up with what's new and what's popular nowadays. I don't always like it (there are pleasant surprises though), but it's interesting to find out. If that fails, then I know I always have solid backups with oldies stations.


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Good point about the 70%; and may I elaborate by adding my sentiments?

I have the theory that quantitatively there is a greater volume of “good” music today but, because the tin-pan-alley music-production companies have turned music into so much of a commodity in the late 20th century, there is exponentially more crap music today than in the past proportionally speaking. Also, I totally agree that the radio is the worst place to find good music. FM radio is like the McDonalds of the airwaves—low-quality, deleterious, mass-produced junk.

That 30% is buried pretty deep--I feel your pain.
Here, I made pie charts. :reading:
(NOTE: Not real numbers--I picked them for demonstrative purposes only)

THUS, one was more likely to come across "good" music in the past because there was less variety and volume. Now, there is so much poo music to dig through to get to the "good" stuff that one is exhausted trying to get there.

I rest my case.
*Slams large and impressive looking book on table*
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That makes sense, I mean I don't hear as many artist on the 70/80's stations as I do with any station about todays hits.


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Music of yesterday is untouchable.
...Music today has very, very little quality. Everyone's producing everything and anything that walks through their doors. ftl.


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I just don't believe that a lot of the artist that are/were so popular in the last five years or so we'll be heard on the radio 25 years or so from now. Only a select few will. The music today just doesn't have the same impact it once did.


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I agree completely. We all have our diffirent likes, but anyone of us can take the genres we like and compare old to new, only to find that new comes up wanting. As Mr. Dinosaur said, there are more artists and more music out there today, but therein lies the actual root of the problem. Any crap can be made into an album or single. It never used to be like that.

I do miss the likes of The Clash, Ramones, Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler and those. They were and will always be legends. No one is going to remember the guys singing about fireflies and wanting to be awake when he is asleep even 2 months from now.:shake:
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