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Music Players

What Media Player Do You Use To Listen To Music?

  • Winamp

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  • Windows Media Player

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  • iTunes

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  • Other

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  • Total voters


I'm wondering what everybody uses to listen to their music, and if you have a particular preference, why do you like one over another? (I've included what I think are the three most common music players in the poll, but if you use something else choose other and say what)

Personally, I use Winamp. I find that it uses far fewer system system resources than both iTunes and WMP. It's search function is just as good as iTunes' is, and both are better than WMP. I also prefer how it looks, and find that it's intuitive and easy to use while providing good sound quality and everything I want in terms of playlist capability.


winamp. i love it and so many skins i got they all are sick too


Problematic Shitlord
I listen to my iPod connected to my speakers. My computer's speakers are shit, so I just use a seperate pair.


I have windows media play but I rarely use it and I am not sure what the radio blogg is. Either way I get most of the music I enjoy listening to.


I use iTunes. Since it allows me to see the music of other people on the network, and a guy on my floor has enough music that it would take almost 90 days to play all the songs all the way through, I'm happy.


Likes snow
I use iTunes and my iPod to listen to music.


A few years back I used to play music with Music Match Jukebox, but now I use iTunes. Damn those Macs. lol