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Music people wouldn't expect you to like


aka ginger warlock
The majority of my music is centered around metal and heavy rock, I also enjoy some electronic music, rap and indie but I think one track most people would say "seriously? you like that?" is:

The Polyphonic Spree - Light & Day

I don't know why but it makes me so happy and makes me smile, do you have any tracks like this that most people would not think you'd like in a million years?


Haters gonna hate.

I come across as a very "alternative" person. Alt rock, alt pop, indie music of all types, etc.

However, NO ONE expects me to like an artist like Lady Gaga.

Gaga is amazzzzing and is supremely talented. 'Nuff said.


Living on the 0th floor
I guess I typically think people would see me as liking Lady Gaga and typical radio music, which I do to an extent.. However, I listen to a lot of Metal and a lot of rap (not hip-hop).. Which I think really confuses some people, even some of my best friends.


e̳̳̺͕ͬ̓̑̂ͮͦͣ͒͒h̙ͦ̔͂?̅̂ ̾͗̑
I have a soft spot for Seal's self-titled album.

YouTube - Seal - Don't cry


Band Nerd ♫
I'd assume that people would see me as loving Classic Rock/Soft Rock and various genres of Classical. So probably me liking something like Streetlight Manifesto would be very odd to them. One of the very few bands I listen to that has anything I would not consider 'soft'. lol

Most of what I listen to is what my parents' generation considers good music, or would make me seem like a classical snob (which I have kind of been in the past D:) and I used to hate Green Day and music like that, so me even giving Streetlight Manifesto a chance would probably shock people that knew me as the Classical Snob/Green Day hater I used to be. lol


Registered Member
Someone might be surprised to found out that I like Jazz/Bluegrass/Folk Music.
I have to be in the mood for it though.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
For me it's Country. While growing up I used to hate it, but now I'm starting to like it. I'm sure it surprises people that I enjoy that genre. Also, I'm sure it surprises a lot of people that don't know me all that well that I enjoy 80's music since I was born in '85. Personally, I love 80's music, so much better then what we have in today's age, well for the most part that is.


Registered Member
I like all music, even some contemporary Christian. I listen to country with Conway Twitty, some pop stuff with Gaga, or maybe that should be titled the weird stuff. I like Nickelback, Aerosmith, Adam Lambert, soft rock with ToTo (I love the 80s music!) and I listen to Eminem and Bruno Mars. I guess it's the age thing with me. The younger folk don't think someone my age would listen to Eminem or some of the others.